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The Land Trust owns more than 1,000 acres in over 130 parcels within the town of Branford, permanently protecting such diverse natural environments as wetlands along the Branford River and its tributaries, tidal salt marshes at the shore, upland forests and meadows, and even a few tiny islands in the Sound.

Many properties have simple trails for hiking, but some parcels are too wet or too fragile for pedestrian access and can only be enjoyed from the roadside. A number of our properties are adjacent to Town open space lands, affording access to extensive trail systems and giving special protection to those birds and animals that require large, unfragmented territories as their habitat.

The Trust sponsors periodic guided walks on its lands throughout the year. In addition, the Branford Trail goes through many Land Trust properties; organized walks every Spring and Fall circle the town to give the hiker a unique perspective of the variety of Branford’s natural resources, from the shore to the trap rock ridges.

For a complete list of our properties, please see our comprehensive Property Index.