Working to Protect Native Plants in Branford

What is the Native Plant Protection Corps? The Native Plant Protection Corps (NPPC) is a bunch of volunteers who want to control the spread of non-native invasive plants in Branford. We work on both Land Trust and Town-owned conservation lands. Controlling these aggressive species is a challenge, but so far we are seeing modest success by focusing on small infestations, with the goal of nipping their spread in the bud.

When does the NPPC get together? Due to the vagaries of volunteers’ schedules and the varying timing of the plants’ life cycles, we meet on an ad hoc schedule, giving two weeks’ notice for a work party. You are welcome to join whenever you can and to stay as long or as little as you want. Every little bit helps! Check the Calendar for upcoming work parties.

Is the work physically demanding? There’s a range and we let you know the demands ahead of time. The work varies from clipping and hand pulling to uprooting. We work strictly with hand tools – clippers, loppers, shovels, etc. – and we ask you to bring your own but we do have extras to share if you need some.

What if I can’t tell a good plant from a bad one? Don’t worry; we give you plenty of guidance, and the bad ones are easy to learn.

Who’s in charge of the NPPC? Sponsored jointly by the Branford Land Trust and the Town Conservation and Environment Commission, the NPPC is currently managed by botanical author and Land Trust board member Lauren Brown and Patrick Sweeney, botanist at the Yale Peabody Museum and member of the Community Forest and Conservation & Environment Commissions. Lauren and Patrick look forward to having you join the effort!

To join or learn more, email or call (203)483-LAND.