Todds Hill Wet Meadow Preserve

A lot has been happening at the Todds Hill Wet Meadow Preserve, a 24-acre open space set-aside located between Todds Hill Road, Cherry Hill Road and Parish Farm Road.  Last fall, BLT volunteers, including a group from the FreeThink biotech company, cut up fallen limbs and trunks of some of the large trees and moved them into brush piles and neighbors Kevin Conte and Jamie Cosgrove mowed the grassy areas.  The BLT trails and fields management team has made multiple visits, clearing the large autumn olive thickets that had grown up on the eastern part of the property.  Members of the Conservation Commission have begun planning a multi-year effort to enhance the wet meadow habitat, which will start in coming months, and the property management committee is finding out what will be involved to design and create an accessible path so that all members of our community will be able to explore and enjoy the area.  Watch for future news of these and other activities on this park-like addition to BLT’s preserves.