It’s Invasive

As you walk through the woods these days, you might be heartened by the burgeoning green leaves on many bushes. Unfortunately, most of these are non-native invasive species, which is why you’ll see them in such large numbers. One that has been leafing out for a couple of weeks now is privet. Yes, the same privet that makes a privet hedge. The bushes bear dark blue berries that are eaten by birds and thus dispersed. Another species, following the privet, is winged euonymus, easily recognized by its corky winged twigs. The Supply Pond property is loaded with winged euonymus. And then there’s multiflora rose, also well leafed out now, with its prickly twigs.

These villains leaf out a few weeks before most of our native shrubs, thus gaining a competitive edge. Branford Land Trust volunteers spend countless hours trying to keep these species at bay in our preserves, but it is often a discouraging battle. If you’d like to help, please contact us!

Want to know more about invasives? Click here to download a set of printable flashcards from the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.

Submitted by Lauren Brown.

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