How We Manage Our Properties

Dave Andrews, Property Management

One of the requirements of Land Trust Alliance accreditation is to annually monitor our properties. This helps the Branford Land Trust assure we know the current state of our land and may highlight actions we need to take for its long-term health.

With more than 1,000 acres in Branford, spread over 70 different parcels of land, conducting this monitoring requires significant effort. Fortunately, the BLT is able to rely on our community.

More than 40 volunteers participate by walking the property boundaries, inspecting the land and noting issues such as boundary encroachment, presence of invasive plants, and improper use, such as timber harvesting, trash dumping, hunting, ATV use, etc.. The annual monitoring typically takes place in November and December, when much of the vegetation has died. This literally helps us ‘see’ the state of our land, and the colder weather can make walking in wetland areas a little less sticky. After walking the properties, volunteers write a report of their observations, which helps inform future efforts to assure the long-term health of the land.

Our monthly work parties and weekly trail and field maintenance projects, along with focused efforts on areas of specific concern, are coordinated by our Property Management Committee. Last year, they undertook a town-wide Hello Neighbor mailing to introduce the BLT to its property neighbors.

All of these volunteers recognize the importance of open space in Branford and are willing to give their time and effort for our community.