Connecticut Physical Climate Science Assessment Report

Human pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases is altering the global climate. As greenhouse gases continue to increase, with a limited response from United States federal policy makers, local and regional policy makers have an important role to play. Decisions at the local level need sound science in order to make informed policy.  The Connecticut Physical Climate Science Assessment Report, sponsored by the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) provides a localized climate assessment for Connecticut by “downscaling” climate projections from 20 global climate models.

The report finds that temperature in CT could be +5 to +8 degrees warmer by the mid and late 20th century, respectively.  It also projects a large increase in heat waves, droughts, and extreme precipitation.  Of course these projections assume limited policy changes over the coming century.

We encourage you to read this report and consider the potential changes to Connecticut’s climate with respect to your own fossil fuel use.  Given these potential changes to our climate it is also important to elevate the discussion of climate change with local and state policy makers.

Click here to read the report (PDF) now.

Submitted by Pete Raymond

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