A Trip To Our Rocky And Stony Past At Branford’s Hoadley Creek

by Peter Marteka, Nature’s Path & Way To Go, Hartford Courant

courant-tumblr2A few years ago, I visited Ledyard’s Glacial Park, probably the state’s best example of a moraine field left by the retreating glacier 13,000 years ago. It’s a forest filled with thousands of boulders of all shapes and sizes — a viewing portal to our glacial past.

So I was a bit skeptical when I read in a pamphlet describing Branford’s Hoadley Creek Preserve that it was “bursting with huge glacial erratics.” After all, I had already visited the mother lode of glacial bounty. But it was hard to doubt when Yale University’s Peabody Museum wrote about the “granite behemoths” in the preserve.

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