Wildflowers…Here They Come!

A lot of wildflowers might come out early this year! In the next few weeks look for these:

Coltsfoot – non-native but not invasive in our area. Looks like a dandelion but lacks milky juice and basal leaves

Hepatica – Native. Probably already out. Low to the ground, little purple flowers. Most likely to be found on the trap rock ridge properties like Pisgah Brook and Saltonstall Mt.

Dutchman’s Breeches – Native. Plentiful on the Goss property and the western flank of Beacon Hill.

Lesser Celandine – Bad. non-native, highly invasive. Low sprawling growth habit spreading by little tubers; wavy-edged leaves, bright yellow flowers, grows anywhere. A lot of people mistake this for marsh marigold which only grows in wet places, has finely toothed leaves, and doesn’t sprawl. Lesser celandine should be dug up and disposed of in the trash if possible.

That’s it for now; stay tuned for mid-April-early May.

Tell us what you find and where you find it! Photos welcome!

Submitted by Lauren Brown



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