The 2019 Alewife Run at the Supply Ponds

The 2019 alewife run at the Supply Ponds has come and gone for the season. Every week, from April 2 through May 28, the electronic fish counter monitored migrating alewives, with a peak of 238 fish counted going up the ladder the week ending April 30. All in all, a total of 385 alewives made their way into the Supply Ponds this year for feeding and spawning. While not as active as the 2017 run, this year’s alewife run resembles that of last year.

Remember that this June marks the 50th anniversary of the purchase of the Supply Ponds by the Town of Branford. The 1,100 acres of protected open space of the Supply Ponds and adjoining Pisgah Brook Watershed is a great place to hike and explore — alewives or no.



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