Thank you Branford Land Trust Volunteers!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Branford Land Trust. Nothing happens without them. We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers who have helped maintain our properties, contribute to our newsletter, stuff envelopes, help with educational programs and events, and given so much time to the accreditation effort. We thank you.

This list does not include members of the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board. They began as volunteers, too, and have made that special commitment to leadership. Thank you.

Please let us know if we missed your name — an unintentional omission — or if you would like to become a Land Trust Volunteer. Email Joan Merrick.

Dave Andrews
Robin Axtell
Bob Baker
Hanna Beatty
Clarice Begemann
Ken Bjork
Pat Black
Adrian Bonenberger
Jane Bouley
Frazier Bronson
Jennifer Broom
Weylin Burke
Mike Calter
Beverly Chambers
Bill Canfield
Travis Canfield
Stephanie Carvin
Bill Chapin
Michael Chiarappa
Eric Cottle
Maureen Criscuola
Paul Criscuola
John & Barbara Clark
Robin Comey
Peter Craig
CT Farmland Trust
Ann Davis
Maria DeAngelis
Deb Deford
Paul Derdeyn
Chris Eddy
Nathan Elsden
Ellen Flanagan
Charles Fowler
Meredith Gaffney
John Gallalee
Lee Garber
Pete Gloor
Edison Goff
Judith Hall
Maryanne Hall
Connie Hanrahan
Arthur Haug
John Haug
Kerry Holmes
Margrit Hutchinson
Molly M. James
Bob Kantor
Larry Keckler
Dennis Kelly
Maggie King
Kattie Konno-Leonffu
Beth Lapin
Alice Laurenson
Ed Logan
Pat Lowe
Chad Lyons
Craig Machado
Eunice Mahler-Haug
Gabriel Mahler-Haug
Kyle Malonis
Andrew McCarthy
Charlotte McCarthy
Shirley McCarthy
Tom McGlashen
Emma Melvin
Rob Mendelson
Angie Miccinello
Dorothy Millen
C.J. Miller
Judy Miller
Annette Murano
Sean + Megan Nolan
Maureen O’Connor
Emily Oldfield
Jody Paviglionite
Lynne Peck
Matt Pekar
Greg Pretak
Aaron Radulski
Tim Rice
Steve Reed
Ryan Roberts
Leah Robinson
Kath Rondinone
John Ruckes
Tim Shannon
Danny Shapiro
Lisa, Jason, Colin & Emerson Shuff
Jacky Skelly
Erica Snow
Iryna Solomko
Caroline Spaulding
Connor Spaulding
Barbara Spencer
Maddie Steinman
Michael Steinman
Maura Sullivan
Doss Venema
Nancy Wallace
Kristen Weidner
Steve Zaehringer



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