Tessa Martens, Girl Scout Troop 60701 Bronze Award

Girl Scout Troop 60701 has been working with the Branford Land Trust since last fall to fulfill requirements for their Bronze Award. This week, we’re featuring submissions from some of the girls that highlight their experiences. Today, we hear from Tessa Martens:

What was your favorite part about exploring BLT properties?
My favorite part about exploring the BLT properties was getting to see frogs and other wildlife I would normally not otherwise see. I liked crossing the cement bridge over a rushing river to the other side to find little unusual pinecones. There was also a wooden bridge we crossed that had phragmites plants blowing alongside us. I appreciated that we had hiking guide experts to teach us about the Branford woods.

What kinds of things did you learn about?
While on the BLT properties, I learned that there were allot more species than I thought there were in our woods of Branford. For example, I learned that Cedar trees grow in Branford. I was allowed to touch and smell cedar! I learned that a rock we saw on one of our hikes actually came from a glacier slide! I learned about a really neat project by a Branford Eagle Scout: on July 11, 1995 a Boy Scout gathered stones to mark the official boundaries of the town of Branford in Stony Creek. We saw the plaque commemorate the project.

Did the project change how you see your Town?
Hiking in our Branford woods taught me that we have many more acres of woods where anyone can freely hike in and see native wildlife and some invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer. I also learned, with the help of a hiking guide, that there are many fascinating facts about our town and its inhabitants and our unique coastline.

Carolina berry

Indian Caverns

Redhill Woods Trail

Roughleaf goldenrod

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