“Pollinator Pathways” Initiative

Hello Fellow Branford Nature / Horticulture Enthusiast,

We at the Branford Conservation / Environmental Commission and the Community Forestry Commission are working to get our town plugged into a broader Connecticut “Pollinator Pathways” initiative. If you’ve already heard of it, wonderful — if not, basically, it’s an effort that leverages towns, community groups, and individual citizens to repopulate properties with native “pollinators,” plants that support the biome more or less as it existed before the deliberate cultivation of farmland, and subsequent employment of chemicals and lawnmowers to keep lawns looking neat and well-manicured.

To this end, we’re holding a public kick-off event on November 15 at 6-8pm at the Branford Fire Station, both to announce the project to Branford’s citizens, and to mobilize citizens to participate in the initiative according to their interest and ability. We understand that you’ve been working in this space for some time, and are interested in soliciting input and wisdom in order to make this rollout as comprehensive and balanced as possible.

Join us to learn how the Town, its’ Commissions, and individuals can work together to create new pollinator habitat.

Please let us know if you have any questions, branfordpollinatorpathway@gmail.com


Branford Conservation / Environment Commission
Branford Community Forestry Commission



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