One Month In – We Can Do This.Together.

We’re almost a month into the COVID-19 shutdown now. How are you doing?  We hope you’re finding time to get outside, breathe the fresh air, and walk our local trails.

When you are our and about, here are some Important Safety Tips to Stay Safe Outdoors from the Connecticut Forest and Park Association

  • Use appropriate social distancing by staying at least 6 feet from others (when you are passing someone on a trail, make sure to yield and allow for plenty of space);
  • Go outdoors as a solitary activity or in a very small group (and if you get to a place that is already crowded, find another place to go);
  • Keep your germs to yourself (cough or sneeze into your sleeve, wear a mask for extra protection for yourself and others, and if you are not feeling well, stay at home);
  • Be careful about what you touch (and don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth);
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as often as possible (at least before and after you go outdoors);
  • “Go before you go” and limit the length of your trip (since restroom facilities are closed); and
  • Take out what you take in (this is always good to do, but especially important now since you put others in jeopardy if you leave infected trash behind).

When you’re not out on the trails, be sure to come back here to our website or our Facebook page for suggestions on things to do and local places to visit. We have new posts lined up every other day, so check back often! Here are some recent posts:

If you have questions about where to hike and how to get there, feel free to email us at

Our thoughts are with you, your family, and our community as we persevere through this together. Be well.




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