News from the Trails (and Fields)

“Among other tasks, our Trails volunteers have been hard at work reclaiming two of our open space fields — Medlyn and DeLeo — two mornings per week right on through the winter. We have a wonderful, devoted crew of helpers who thoroughly enjoy being OUTDOORS.

“Beside trimming fallen trees and overhanging branches we’ve been cutting back numerous invasive plants that tend to take over field space and crowd out native species. Our most common and problematic invasives around our fields include: multi-flora rose, autumn olive, honeysuckle, mugwort, bittersweet, grape, wineberry, black swallow-wort, phragmites, and euonymus.

“This spring we will continue to prep the edges of our eight open space fields for their scheduled tractor brush-hog cuts this summer. And when the trails dry out some and thicken with vegetation and the occasional blow-downs, we’ll be out there clearing and improving the pathways.” — Matt Reed, Trails Committee Co-chair



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