A Great Start to Supply Ponds Alewife Run

Alewives are an important food source for ospreys when sitting on eggs.

Alewives are an important food source for ospreys when sitting on eggs.

The 2014 alewife run in the Queach Brook and Branford River is off to a great start! We have seen lots of fish at the fishway entrance even in the daytime and a good 490 fish, almost 90% of last year’s entire run, have been counted going into the Supply Ponds as of April 15. (See DEEP’s April 15 Fish Report, page 3.) We hope that this will be a great year with high numbers of returning fish. Good water levels and warming weather should keep them coming. Most of this year’s fish should be from the record Class of 2010 when we had close to 40,000 fish go over the dam.

Go down there today! To see fish, walk to the bottom of the fishway and look immediately downstream of the entrance. The alewives seem to like the quieter water there and they sit under the bubbles in the eddies. Easy to watch – bring polarized sunglasses for best vision.

AND Bengt Kjellberg has seen and captured glass eels massing at the foot of the big spillway. Instead of swimming up the fishway, these immature eels work their way up between the stones in the channel below the spillway. We will be putting a net over the spillway wall to help them get over this last barrier and into the Supply Ponds.

Photo by Diane Hull



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