Girl Scout Troop 60701 Bronze Award Project

The girls from Girl Scout Troop 60701 are pictured on the bog walk at Red Hill Woods with Troop leader Mary Biehl and BLT members Jen Payne and Matt Reed.


Girl Scout Troop 60701 is a group of 5th graders, all Junior Girl Scouts who have been together since kindergarten including Angelina Biehl, Isabella Bricker, Calleigh Miller, Tessa Martens, Marin Roussatt, Lilly Panucchio, Emma McAdams, Lucy Frye, and Laila Keznik. This past school year, the girls had to fulfill requirements for their Bronze Award — a team effort designed to benefit the local community.

“The girls brainstormed a few ideas to come up with a project that they could work on together as a troop and individually if need be,” explains troop leader Mary Biehl. “As ideas were collected, we decided hiking trails would be best. They thought how great it would be to discover their own town’s natural environment. Being so close to the shoreline and woods this seemed like a perfect idea.”

Last September, Kelly Martens, a mother from the troop, reached out to Branford Town Hall to see who we could help the troop, and they suggested the Branford Land Trust. Through a series of connections, Mary Biehl met BLT board member Jen Payne, and the two worked closed together to develop a project for the girls.

The Bronze Award project would be fulfilled throughout the year, allowing the girls to explore their environment in all four seasons. The girls visited the trail systems at Red Hill Woods, and on the Weil and Stony Creek Partnership preserves, which gave them a chance to see woodlands, wetlands, field, and coastal environments.

BLT members Dave Andrews, Tom Cleveland, and Matt Reed joined in to lead walks for the girls, and added their own take on the local flora and fauna.

“Both properties contain their own beauty and awesome sights,” said Mary. “The girls had the honor to work with these great BLT volunteers to explore the trails and discover names of trees, animal habitats, beautiful birds, flowers, vegetation, insects, rocks, and more.”

In addition to exploring the properties, the girls were tasked with taking photos, doing plant and tree identification, and proving material for the Branford Land Trust’s website as a resource for the town, the BLT, and those who love to hike the trails.

“The girls and leaders of Troop 60701 are so greatly appreciative for the time, support, encouragement, and help the Branford Land Trust has provided and we can’t thank you enough.”

Stay Tuned…the BLT website will include photos and comments submitted by the girls of Troop 60701 all week long!

Submitted by Jen Payne

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