CT Council on Environmental Quality Annual Report

CTSealThe Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality recently released its 2015 annual report on the state of the Connecticut environment. The CEQ is an independent nine-member board that assesses Connecticut’s environmental condition, advises state agencies on the environmental impacts of proposed construction projects, and investigates complaints of environmental law violations. The CEQ also makes recommendations for correcting deficiencies in state laws and programs and to improve state environmental programs.

The CEQ Annual Report is a comprehensive look at current environmental quality in the state, and contains several sections that should be of particular interest to Land Trust members and friends. There is, for example an examination of land conservation trends, including efforts by local land trusts and municipalities to protect and conserve valuable open space. The CEQ report also documents the environmental health of Long Island Sound, including growing challenges posed by on-going trends in sea water warming and sea level rise.

The CEQ sums up its 2015 report as follows:

“2015 was a year of moderate drought and extreme cold and heat. The summer saw a modest retreat in Connecticut’s march toward healthful air but better water at coastal beaches and in the depths of Long Island Sound. Some streams dried up in the autumn. A few wildlife species displayed inspiring recoveries but others continued discouraging declines. Viewed together, the indicators might seem at first to present a random hodgepodge of conflicting trends, but they actually display a consistent pattern of data that explain the current condition of Connecticut’s air, water, land and wildlife.”

The CEQ 2015 Annual Report is a highly accessible and readable document. Those interested can read it on-line, or download it as a PDF file. Click here for both versions.

Finally, it should be noted that BLT Advisory Board member Karyl Lee Hall also serves on the CEQ.



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