Calleigh Miller, Girl Scout Troop 60701 Bronze Award

Girl Scout Troop 60701 has been working with the Branford Land Trust since last fall to fulfill requirements for their Bronze Award. This week, we’re featuring submissions from some of the girls that highlight their experiences. Today, we hear from Calleigh Miller:

“I want to say thanks to you and everyone else that brought us on the hike. What I like most about the hike was it was a lot of fun to see how the trees changed from each season to each season. I also like seeing the different spots of animals that they would dig their holes and hibernate in. I also liked about the hike was seeing and learning different barks of trees and different trees. I also liked about the hike was learning about invasive plants in plants that were meant to be in our area. They also explained to us why the moss grows upwards on rocks and how green it can be and that there are many types of moss. Also loved how the caves were amazing you can go in them you can climb on them I really enjoyed the hike and I can’t wait to do it again. I do with my family all the time now since I never knew that property was there thank you.💕”

Weil and Stony Creek Partnership property trail

Red Hill Woods trail

Red Hill Woods trail

Osprey nest

Weil and Stony Creek Partnership property trail

Osprey Nest

White tail deer fur

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