Angelina Biehl, Girl Scout Troop 60701 Bronze Award

Girl Scout Troop 60701 has been working with the Branford Land Trust since last fall to fulfill requirements for their Bronze Award. This week, we’re featuring submissions from some of the girls that highlight their experiences. Today, we hear from Angelina Biehl:

What was your favorite part about exploring BLT properties?
My favorite part of the project was seeing the wildlife on the trails for example osprey and seagull birds and getting to take very cool pictures of different trees, flowers, rock formations, and the ocean. They were great hikes to practice my love for photography.

What kinds of things did you learn about?
I learned about some of the plants and trees and discovered we have a lot of birch trees and maple trees in town. I got to learn about different animals that live in Branford and even got to feel the furs of different animals that live in the wild here in Branford.

Did the project change how you see your Town?
I now know about some of the different trails we have in Branford and I have more knowledge about different sites I can go and explore my love for nature and taking pictures.

Animal tracks picture

Arizona Cypress



Giant reed

Common holly found on Weil property

Indian caverns

Libocedrus bidwillii tree, normally from new Zealand

Osprey nest

Shell fish seen at low tide clams, oysters, mussels at Stony Creek Partnership near the Weil property

Table side mountain pine tree

Turkey tail mushrooms

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